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Obviously Kpop is the WORST THING EVER when you're trying to study, but I actually found some ways it can help you out!
((Main takeaway - avoid Jimin's abs at all costs. They will ruin you))

Get comfy.

But not too comfy...

Find out if a study group is right for you.

I'm the 'study alone' type, but I wouldn't mind being on this couch...

Replace all historical figures with K-idols.

Jimin is Charlie Chaplin?! Somehow it's a lot easier to remember facts about him, right!?
(Did you know that Chaplin had 4 wives and 11 kids?! DAMN Jimin!)
Personally I think Kris makes a good Picasso lol.

Taking art history? Get creative with Photoshop to help you connect with the art.

Or just have SHINee reenact it for you...

Hide pictures of Hakyeon (okay, any idol...) in random pages of your text books to inspire you to read further.

Set a timer.

20 minutes studying, 2 minutes booty time.

If you're falling asleep studying, have a 10 minute dance party.

When studying do not - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - open Vingle.

You will be sucked in and will never return to reality muhahahahahahaha

Have fun at school everyone~ you rock~~

More like 20 minutes of booty time and 2 minutes of studying am i right @PassTheSuga ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is true every time I open Vingle I lose hours of my life~~
BRB hiding pictures of TOP everywhere! XD
Fun studying tips! I love the idea of replacing all historical figure names with idols. It'll sure make studying easier. :D
i actually do this oh my goodness im not the only one
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