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Hello Anime Community Homies!

I'm going to be heading back to college in a couple weeks and I feel like summer ended too fast. Right now, this is how I feel about the whole matter...
Can you relate? T_T

The Getting Out of Bed Struggle

Welcome back dark circles and zombie looks. \(-_-)/

The Running to Class Struggle

8AM classes in college...who even thought that was a good idea?

The Concentrating in Class Struggle

Trying to pay attention for 2 hours straight is honestly the worst...

The Understanding Stuff Struggle

Do you even Calculus bro? Because I don't.

The Trying to Do Homework Struggle

So much homework. So little time.

The Studying for Exams Struggle

Especially when you have 2 or 3 midterms on the same day...what even?!

The Actually Taking An Exam Struggle

So nervous that you suddenly forget everything. T_T

The Repeat Daily for Countless Months Struggle

8 more months of this craziness then I'm official done with school forever! WOOHOO!
But in all of this, I get to be my weird and crazy self with friends. So I look forward to that! XD

What are you dreading about school? Did you already start?

I'm hopeing to go back to school in the fall of 2016. I went to MCC for vet tech but it was a non credit class and I missed 2 days so I was kicked even tho I had all a's. I'm hopeing to either go back for that at hacc or to do something else. Idk yet. we shall see.
i cant wait till i get to college. i just wish i could skip highschool. LAST YEAR WHOOOOOOO ;P
@poojas it was a great opportunity to experience so many things. but still summer is almost over. I will try my best to enjoy these few days. :')
@drummergirl691 How long is your commute? Hope first day went well! @biancadanica98 Haha, I had to include it when I saw it! @IngridL Awww, your son must provide you quite a challenge while getting ready in the mornings haha. XD
@riva How was your internship? And you have 2 weeks! Make the best of it! :)
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