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From the stunning Kapulette Studios, this whopping, mega-diamond engagement ring is custom-made in the USA to your specifications. I first saw this when I was looking for earrings to pair with an outfit for moms at weddings. So imagine my shock and awe when I found this one!
I wasn't going to wait for a Fab Friday Find, that I do weekly, which you can see by clicking here. It was too wonderful to wait, which is why I am calling this Monday Madness! Corny, sure, but it fits the bill, I think. Since this is a conceptual piece only, I don't have actual information such as carats, clarity, color, etc. It's meant to give brides and grooms an idea of what they can expect when ordering the same thing or similar.
What are your thoughts on large engagement rings that are a bit masculine and nix the idea of a traditional center stone. You already know what I think: I LOVE IT!
Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.