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So, let's talk about dilemmas. What's your biggest wedding dilemma? For instance, bridesmaids dresses.
While this may not be an issue for you, necessarily, it could be a really big deal for another. I actually remember a bride that sorta went nuts because she couldn't finalize her decision for what she wanted her bridesmaids to wear. And it wasn't just style, though, that was the biggest hurdle. It also came down to the perfect shade of coral.
We all know that coral is both and easy and a tough color, depending on how pink or orange you go. Well, that was her dilemma. Eventually, she went with three shades of coral and had five bridesmaids wear a combination of the three colors. It was STUNNING!
I bring all that up to say, don't fret over the color or even the style necessarily. Do a combination of styles and colors. You can create a fun ombre look with different shades of the same thing, like my friend did with coral.
So, let's get back to my question...what are your wedding dilemmas? Let's see if we can sort through them and find some cool solutions for you!