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Maya Angelou's quote about love is so sweet, gentle and yet completely intoxicating because it's so specifically ONE HEART. There is no room for anyone else in the equation. Love that!
It's just two people, madly, deeply in love with each other, and who are completely safe and content with ONE HEART.
No, there's no love for me now. Not looking. But if or when the day comes, this is what I want to be able to say!
What about you?
Awe...thanks @allischaaff Yeah, I like your BEST fit part. So true.
SO into it. Intoxicating = the perfect word for this quote. I love the idea of finding that one heart, that one love that is just perfect for you and the way you are... I definitely think falling in love is often a matter of finding a good fit. Scratch that, finding the BEST fit. Because there's someone out there who's as perfect as perfect can be for everyone. You'll find them when you least expect it @marshalledgar ;) I truly believe that :)