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Hello! So, most of you reading this probably won't care, but this is a big deal for me!
I am going to an interview later this week to work at a little souvenir shop that sells Japanese and Korean stuff in Japantown.
Some of you are probably like, "I really don't care." But this is my first job interview. On top of that, I am white. I am 25% Japanese, but I look white. My last name is German and I met the manager when asking about the job so she knows I am not Japanese (looking), so this is a big deal for me.
So please wish me luck, guys! I am super nervous but I can only hope for the best! Thank you, my dearest! ♡
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Good luck!!!
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good luck hope you get the job!!!
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good luck. fighting. (jai-you)
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Good luck!
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