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CONFESS: Who is Your Secret Bias?
Okay, so you know those idols that you seriously crush on and you just can't tell anyone?
Maybe it's your friend's bias, or you just like them so much that it's embarrassing. Well, it's time to...


Below are four of my secret biases and I am blushing just writing this:


Partly because he is so young and partly because he is so cute. I love love LOVE Woozi but I'm honestly embarrassed to say it. When people ask me my Seventeen bias I usually say Vernon/Hansol but in reality my heart 100% belongs to this little lump of joy - Woozi.


I can't really pick a B1A4 bias, but if I were to try I would probably say Baro or Sandeul. The reason I wouldn't say Jinyoung is because I am actually embarrassingly in love with him. I am not huuuuuge into the B1A4 fandom just becasue I know they would suck up all my time cause they are the nicest boys ever and I love them all but oh my god jinyouuuuuung.


Okay so you know how I can't pick a BTS bias? That's partially true because I do actually love all of them and they're so attractive physically and personality-wise but SUGA. I think I might have read too many Suga fan accounts, but this boy is so adorable and kind and lovely and his eye smile makes me go all jelloid and >.<
He's so great guys, oh my god.


Jaehwan is the ideal boyfriend. Every VIXX fan is a Jaehwan bias - don't deny it you guys!!! Hakyeon is my entire world but in another life I would most definitely be all about Jaehwan. His voice and personality and embarrassing animal impersonations, ugh. He's fantastic.

Now that that's all out in the open, here's a picture of my ulti-bi, the one and only:



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Jin is my ultimate because he's one of the few around my age. but I think V or J-Hope are my secret. but they're the same age as my younger siblings -_- it's ridiculous
2 years ago·Reply
My secret bias is actually also my ultimate bias. God I can't get enough of Eli from U-KISS!!!
2 years ago·Reply
1. Taemin 2. Ren 3. Onew 4. Rap monster 5. Xiumin They are my top 5, still had trouble chosing tho since all the others are amazing too. Talented and sexy too 😍
2 years ago·Reply
I secretly like MJ from Astro but Jin Jin is my favorite. But I keep cheating on him with MJ. Because he is adorbs!
2 years ago·Reply
It's a little hard for me to decide a secret bias, considering if I like an idol he or she will go to my bias list. Even if I already have a bias in a certain group and I end up liking another member in the same group. But I will say if there is any other bias that I absolutely love besides my UB I would have to go with both Kim Junsu (Xia) and Kim Kibum (Key). I love them both so much and they have threatened to take Taekwoon's place as my UB.
2 years ago·Reply