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Want More People To Agree To Camping With You?
I'm starting to wonder: If you've got tents this big on the market now, at what point does it stop being 'real camping'?
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@danidee and the fold out sink...the fold out fridge...the fold out 80 inch TV with satellite...
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fold out EVERYTHING!!! yyyyaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
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love it... where's the cooler/ mini fridge. glamping for sure but nice
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It comes down to having gear that can distinguish you from 'impoverished homeless people' (who are persecuted and hunted), and as homeless people become the norm more and more, the establishment *relies* on a few rich folks to 'set the new social standard' so the hunters know who it is and isn't okay to have a 'hunting accident' with... (sad, but most likely true). As far as the gear goes... meh... (it wouldn't last more than a few weekends in the real world anyways - looks great on display though, and that's what sends the $$$ into the catalogs, and those are the only logs those types concern themselves with...) :S
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