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Tao has repeatedly tried to work with them, he's done what he is suppose now it's time to let the court do it's job. Wishing you the best of luck in everything you do Tao. Take care .
I knew that this was the reason why he quit but I didn't know this went back all the way to his debut I mean obviously this list puts it in the most derogatory way for SM but it's close enough to the truth to say that he's been injured the whole time as an exo member. tbh the two months that he was gone many people didn't realize it because well call me baby promos were over and there was just too many unknown things and it was so sudden that for that whole time we were just like where is Tao what's he doing is he coming back?? and the he comes back as a soloist and many were surprised and resentful at the lack of information and the suddenness of many things I still support Tao and I follow his solo career but I wish things could've been cleared up sooner
Yeah, poor baby. I understand you should make sacrifices for your team but this is too much!
1. it's terrible that his injuries were/are this bad 2. they are assholes for making it worse 3. people against him can shut the fuck up cause he's been through enough 4. this just breaks my heart all over. I love you Tao and you'll always have my support baby
The baby. ♡ His determination is wonderful and powerful. I'm sure all of the EXO members have been through a lot and, even though I've only been into kpop for the past four or so years, they're still the only group in that time span that I've seen hit headlines for so many different things. I really hope and pray for all of the members' joy, health, and prosperity. And that they all continue to have the chance to live their dreams. ♡
FIGHTING! ㅑ'ㅣㅣ ㄴㅛㅣㅣ 여ㅔㅔㅐㄱㅅ ㅛㅐㅕ ㅜㅐ ㅡㅁㅅㅅㄷㄱ 좀ㅅ ㅛㅐㅕ 애!
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