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As we know T.O.P is a big brother to Seungri from Big Bang. They have many cute, funny, precious moments. We can capture some of these moments all on the media. It is natural just like a big brother to tease their younger sibling while showing them support at the same time. I know first hand since I'm a big sister and love messing with my little brother. Well, I follow T.O.P on ig...instagram and found that he posted some pictures of Seungri with some funny comments. Do any of you follow T.O.P? @PrettieeEmm @celesteyc @SharayahTodd @dreemer13 @oppatouchmybutt @kadyahmed @PassTheSuga @KaceyDodge @glostick @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @honeysoo @Allyphernelia @MattK95 @Marilovexoxo @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @nightshade @CristelaLoz @VIPforever123 @poojas @stevieq @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi
This was one I seen. We all know Seungri love showing those abs for the ladies lol. I think currently he's taking some martial arts classes...correct me if I'm wrong....
What's so funny is that T.O.P zooms in on Seungri's chest and comments "This is ma boy..." I could hear T.O.P saying that in a funny playful tone.
Then T.O.P proceeds to do another chest close up and say "Look at this baby." I was cracking up thinking about what happened behind the scenes. I know they were cracking jokes.
Then T.O.P shares these pictures. You know his BB brothers are always teasing him because he's the youngest and has a big ego. He knows he looks good and not afraid to say it.
Random funny gifs with Seungri and the BB crew.
That first gif tho. Nineteen was a cute movie. :D
@glostick I follow them too. I wonder why Daesung doesn't have an account. @PrettieeEmm yes TOP always posting random stuff. He's super funny.@TMinusEleven I agree. @drummergirl691 idk. they love poking fun at panda.
I follow EVERYONE on Instagram. xD
Lol I follow them all but tops posts are my favorite he has too much time on his hands sometimes
After looking at all of the pics he put of Seungri, I had to make a comment asking of he was jealous of his man cleavage. x)
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