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So I know most everyone has already done this challenge, but I wanted to try it too. So, here goes: 1. In 5 words describe yourself: -busy, responsible, eclectic, misanthropic, and average 2. Ideal date: -something active. A picnic, a walk in a park, a trip to the zoo, laser tag, zip line, swimming, a theme park, etc. 3. In 5 words, how friends describe me: -busy, adventurous, nerdy, multi-cultural, logical 4. Ideal bf: -I've never dated, but here's what I think I'd like. Someone with a good work ethic, but can let loose and have fun. Preferably, I'd like someone who has talents in the arts: artist, dancer, musician, singer, etc. As a side note, I prefer someone with some meat/muscle on them. Preferably NOT American. 5. What am I passionate about? -Not much. Really I only have one or two things I'm passionate about. One is music. I love any and all music, I love singing, I have a huge music library and I collection constantly. The second is travel. I wish I had the money to travel everywhere. 6. Biggest pet peeve: -lying and beating around the bush. I don't like liars. I also don't like it when people hedge around an issue. If you got something to say, say it. 7. Fave quotes to live by? -"You only get out of this life what you put into it" - Ethel Merman -"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, leaves the world blind and toothless" - Ghandi 8. What do I do in my free time? -Um, I sleep? I have a full time job and full time student, and practically a mother on the side with my niece. Honestly if I have time to myself, I either record myself singing, write, read, or play video games. So that's me! If you can match me with someone, I'm all ears! By the way, I don't like mass tagging, so I apologize for this method: @StephyBAP, @Kpopandkimchi, @B1A4BTS5ever, @ParkMeiFan, @ninachan, @MattK95, @Animee, @StephanieDuong, @Lydiapark14, @shashae5296, @StarBabes, @StephyBAP, @xoxoaudra985, @bts486, @poojas, @jiggzy19, @PassTheSuga, @KatieWarren, @KpopGaby, @caitlind9898, @blazinpupleh, @Foxxyjinxx, @FrankilliMambo, @SaranghaeMarioX0, @chelsiec25, @baileykayleen, @stevieq, @najalong, @ErinGregory, @netchtiBates, @SashaLove, @icanteven, @heidichiesa, @9thMuse, @DianaKpop58, @aliciasalinas, @zoila205, @AimeeH, @AmariAlexander, @luotl88, @CrystalBlunt, @DianaCastaneda, @carolinacastane, @YesiniaLira, @joykeeem, @VIPforever123, @kimikodragon, @BonnieDemo, @Ccandela97, @B2utyrisa, @VaneRodriguez, @SaraHawkins, @AngelaPearson, @Soulsearcher97, @nightshade18, @jaywoveu, @yaoikpopfan32, @Aripendragon, @nancycappa, @DenieceSuit, @szewwy, @lamrotamrot, @lianakimura, @VixenVivi, @kpopgirly101, @Jositorres, @MayTaeyang, @frisky199123, @AkiraCondry, @DelceOjeda, @ReddViolet, @nykechun, @Emealia, @ktiffany97, @yessiex3, @Suju4evr, @kpopis100, @SerenaMcG
@Suju4evr thanks hope u tag me when u upload ur picture XD
@Suju4evr can you give me.the link cause I can't seem to find it
so i cn people do this i am all lost on how to make it T T
the derp squad picture HAHAHAHAHAH
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