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Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2015
Wow. Come to think of it, we have so many comebacks this year. We have BIGBANG who had been on hiatus for more than 3 years (honestly I am craving for more songs from BB; cause who knows when will be their next comeback and I can't believe MADE series are going to end soon T.T) Not to mention EXO. Past is past. I believe they are stronger by now. I was having hard days during those weeks of BIGBANGvsEXO in music programs back then since both groups are my favorite. Being a multifandom girl is not that easy, lol. Also in the list are BTS, BEAST, GG, SHINEE, SISTAR and moreeee (sorry I have limited knowledge about K-idols in general). Most of the promoted songs are good. Dope,YEY, View, LMR, LOSER ~ and others. To summarize what I've been rambling about; I anticipate MAMA 2015 the most. Plus the year end music shows. I know I should have not get my hopes up because I might end up be disappointed but I can't help myself from wondering how their performances and stages would be.
and Yeay. BB's been singing Fantastic BABY for 3 years in a row so . I don't despise FB though. ^^
unrelated but I miss 2ne1 so bad.
I feel like Big Bang is going to take everything this year just because of the crazy amount of work they put out...plus I MISS 2NE1 TOO, but with CL's US debut I think its going to be a while before we hear anything new from them :/
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@kpopandkimchi I have faith in them tbh. MADE series are one of the best gifts from them to us VIPs. about 2ne1,--agreed. Probably have to wait for a year (or more? 馃槶) before their comeback. Haven't heard news of Bom since the forever~~ okay that's exaggerating but-- hmm.
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@NSSagasshi Yeah and with iKon and Winner debuting/coming back soon 銋犮厾銋犮厾銋犮厾
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@kpopandkimchi yepp that too. And I've heard rumours abt the new girl group? but since YG has yet to say anything abt them, I'll pass that. oh my excuse my 'news of bom since the forever' -the forever?? lol.
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If xiah flower does not win something ima freak
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