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Hey kpop family. I noticed a lot of you are in college or starting college soon and I'd really appreciate some advice. Im extremely nervous and it's giving me an anxiety attack even though I still have a week of summer. I'm going to a college 2 hours or more from where I used to live because I decided I didn't want to see anyone from that town ever again due to a lot of bad memories. But I'm feeling really upset because this is my first time away from my long time best friend of 5 or 6 years, besides a short time in junior year but I missed her so much I moved back to the school. I'm also very scared of not making friends, having people hate me, and most of all.... embarassing myself. I really and truly want to make friends and my internet friend has been in college for a year and still hasn't made a friend and my best friend said no one talked to her today. I'm really bad at talking to people because I'm shy and extremly socially awkward, plus I've gone to school with the same people for 9 years or so. I don't know how to socialize beyond the internet. I'm also worried about my workload and studying, I never studied in high school and I'm not sure how to. I'm just so freaked out about embarassment to the point of the backpack I chose freaking me out. Any advice on how to calm college freshman nerves or make friends in college besides clubs (there aren't many clubs at this college)?
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About missing your friend, now there are lots of ways to keep in touch(snapchat, facetime, skype). Although I am an incoming freshman too (and also social awkward) from what I have heard/read. Friendship is kinda different in college where you have on set of friends. Instead you'll be in different groups like that group from your dorm and the group from Japanese class, and that study group from Math. You don't have to make close friends instantly. Instead just tag along with different groups and join stuff the first couple of weeks and see which ones stick. Well, that's my plan anyway 😊
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everyone has given great advice! especially language class. about your friend, my friend was 2 hours apart from me for 2 years and id just make the trip down there once every couple months. we're still super close! also join a club, anime club, video game, foreign language, art whatever you're into you'll make friends ^^
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Thanks for the advice everyone it's made me feel slightly better
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I just started college and my first day I was like a scared bunny. I was ready to scamper away at a seconds notice. However I was petrified for no reason. Yes it is a bit intimidating and I'm still getting used to things. I haven't made any friends but that doesn't matter. I have nothing against these people in my classes just no one I can connect with. So far. I don't blame you for wanting to get away from your home town or the people you have known for years. Sometimes that's the best thing we can do for ourselves. I also understand what it's like to be away from your best friend. Not easy. text or Skype everyday or every few days depending on your schedule. Making friends new friends is a good thing. Might not always be easy because we look for similarities that stand out. Not always easy to spot. I'd say for socializing that will take time if your not used to it. However your going to need it for interviews or jobs. So start out small and try to make more efforts gradually. You don't have to do it all at once. For Studying if your not good at it. Set a time frame of like ten minutes to study and ten to watch a video or listen to music. Something that will distract you enough but then when that ten minutes or so is up go back to homework. Make sure you stay on Top of your homework! It's easy to fall behind. Don't let that happen! College is all about expressing yourself. No one cares what your status was in high school or what kind of home life you have. Just be you and gradually you'll come out of your shell. Your Kpop Family is always here for you. Just remember to breathe and take it a day at a time you will be fine. If you need anymore advice or need to rant send me a message. I check this app daily! lol \^_^/ Fighting!
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That's going to be me next year when I'm first going to college. I've been around the same people in middle and high school and I'm not exactly social to be able to make friends easily. I don't know what I'm going to do. I really hope you have a good experience and all goes well with you
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