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Hey kpop family. I noticed a lot of you are in college or starting college soon and I'd really appreciate some advice. Im extremely nervous and it's giving me an anxiety attack even though I still have a week of summer. I'm going to a college 2 hours or more from where I used to live because I decided I didn't want to see anyone from that town ever again due to a lot of bad memories. But I'm feeling really upset because this is my first time away from my long time best friend of 5 or 6 years, besides a short time in junior year but I missed her so much I moved back to the school. I'm also very scared of not making friends, having people hate me, and most of all.... embarassing myself. I really and truly want to make friends and my internet friend has been in college for a year and still hasn't made a friend and my best friend said no one talked to her today. I'm really bad at talking to people because I'm shy and extremly socially awkward, plus I've gone to school with the same people for 9 years or so. I don't know how to socialize beyond the internet. I'm also worried about my workload and studying, I never studied in high school and I'm not sure how to. I'm just so freaked out about embarassment to the point of the backpack I chose freaking me out. Any advice on how to calm college freshman nerves or make friends in college besides clubs (there aren't many clubs at this college)?
Honestly, just remember that EVERYONE is in the same boat as you. Sure, people might already know a few people at school but chances are most of these freshmen are freaking out about making friends too.
@majesticx like everyone is telling you it isn't easy to move away from your comfort zone. especially when you have that one true best friend who has been there for you through thick and thin. but starting college is starting a new chapter in your life. some make college life look like you're living the dream, others make college life look dreadful. but honestly it's what you make of it. everyone gets shy and will have embarrassing moments. but you can't let those moments hold you back. remember that everyday is a brand new day. and if you get the jitter bugs just listen to kpop!!!
Just remember that most of those freshmen are in the same boat as you. Don't be afraid to go up to someone and introduce yourself ^^ Start with some casual conversation, for example, hey, how are you my name is ___, Where are you from, I'm from ___. What are you majoring in? Something along the lines of that. But don't be afraid, people are nicer than they appear ^^ Good luck ^^ Fighting!! ^^
@majesticx language class is a good start. I know in the beginning people are super shy to speak but once the ice is broken it's going to be a lot easier to talk. Language class was my favorite course in college because I actually get to talk to people through group projects or pair work. We still kept in touch through gmail and skype. We even form study groups, so we can practice together.
First of all, know that you're not alone. I know what's it's like moving away from your comfort zone and starting fresh at a new place. I actually met some of my closest friends during college. Then we separated because I have to move back to my hometown. That doesn't mean we're not close anymore. As I age, we can't stay in one place forever. I mean, even if we do stay at one place others are bound to move on. But that doesn't signify the friendship should change. I am extremely bad with communication and to be honest I'm always busy. But time to time I would message, call or video chat my friends and see how they're doing. Also, internet friends can also become real friends. For instance, I heard of stories where fans come together, meet-up and go to a concert together (even though they're from different countries). I know it doesn't sound that easy and it'll be nice to have someone to talk to in person. My next suggestion is don't be afraid to talk to your classmate. GET THEM INTO KPOP. =) haha
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