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HYUNA: Why "Too Sexy" Isn't a Problem
I recently wrote about how I'm a little disappointed in Cube Entertainment over Hyuna's new mini album teaser (and to be honest I still am) but now that her new MV is out I have a ton of things to say:
Let me start off by saying, I LOVE HYUNA.
While I'm not going to say she's a great singer or rapper, you have to admit that she's an incredible performer which at the end of her day is her JOB. She's magnetic, charming, and something about her work is so. damn. catchy.
That being said, you can take her singles a few different ways but people tend to either think that she's WAY too sexy or that she's awesome for celebrating female sexuality. So which one am I? Somewhere in the middle...
Sure, I have a few issues with her video but overall it seems pretty girl-power to me. There are no men in the video except for Ilhoon who raps about how Hyuna is a queen. She's not rapping about how all the guys want her, she's rapping about how she's the best over everyone - she's not here to impress or please anyone cause she's already at the top.
As for how sexy the video is, yeah the choreo is definitely 19+ but it's not too different from a lot of other groups out there - people just expect it more from Hyuna. But no matter how much hip action is going on at the end of the day Hyuna is saying "don't touch me, you can't touch me" and makes it clear that she is proud of herself, not trying to get guys to want to be with her.

Again, yes the choreo is a little racy but I'd like to introduce you to Infinite's Hoya:

Basically, I think that Hyuna's image is definitely over sexualized but she does it in a way that is empowering not belittling to women. She's celebrating the fact that she's sexy but also that she's a powerful and independent woman.

So she's promoting self-confidence, independence, sexual expression, and girl power?

Just a side note -

If you aren't already a fan, please follow her Instagram so you can see how much of a genuine, lovable goofball she is. Originally I didn't like her just because I formed my opinion of her out of what I saw on stage, but now I know a totally different side of her (granted, I still don't know her personally sooooo) and she's GREAT. She's constantly praising other artists and her backup dancers and she really just lives life to the fullest.


Check out the video below and let me know what you think :D

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Sexy is good and bad. Many women have a sexy side and they embrace it for the good and others embrace it for the bad. But most importantly Hyuna embraced it and one for her to show her sexiness is through her mvs. No sexiness is boring, too much is bad, and she only showed it in her mvs so I say it's ok.
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I love Hyuna and I'm not gonna complain about her being "too sexy"
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I like Hyuna because she's not scared what people think about her and I will always support her 馃憤馃憤馃檱
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@kpopandkimchi I like your analysis about the his topic. It proves thst you youself are mature and not afraid to stand your ground. And yiu know whst I say about that? Go you.
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