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Take a look at any photos from an editorial photoshoot or fashion campaign, every model is most likely photoshopped to perfection. That might be changing in the fashion industry.
Aerie has been running their #AerieREAL campaign (and movement) for over a year now. Despite the success and their positive feedback not many brands are ready to jump on the bandwagon. Emma Roberts recently graced Aerie's Fall 2015 campaign and she shared with Refinery29 why she decided to join the photoshop-less movement.
"It's important for me to be a part of this, because I see how hard it is for girls my sister's age with social media, and feeling like they need to look a certain way. I want to promote the idea that it's okay to look like yourself — you don't have to Photoshop your Instagrams!"
The star also added real doesn't mean flawed, "but it just means being yourself, realizing you're beautiful the way you are, and not taking it all too seriously."
I hope more and more brands can encourage young girls to feel this way about themselves and join in the movement of "real" body image. Not everyone has to live up the expectation of a Victoria's Secret Angel.