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May be angels protect you And pity troubles neglect you Girl I'm never gonna leave your side Setting happiness towards the right I'll hold your hand to show the way Where my heart is waiting for your stay In night I'll be your star to guide In day I will make every obstacle aside I don't want any other pretty face I don't want any other moment to waste I want just you and your beautiful heart So that we don't stay apart You brought my heart into beating Your each move is breath taking I still can't believe my destiny That I'm filled by this special ecstasy You have been sent from heaven In my life like angel you've fallen I know we are distant apart But we need to trust for us to start I just need you and your love Cause baby you are the beat of my heart
Thanks a lot jinyoung1900
woah, it's almost like a song lyric. Nicely done!
No prob bro. Keep up the hard work!