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Like a shadow I'll be with you Like heartbeats I'll beat for you Like a sun I'll shine to give you light Like a hair clip I'll hold your hair tight Like a tree I'll shelter you Like cupid I'll love you Like rain I'll shower love over your head Like a pillow I'll comfort your bed Like cool breeze I'll play with you hair Like blood in your veins I'll always be there Like happiness I'll surround you Like a shield I'll protect you Like a statue I'll watch you all day along Like missing piece of soul to you I belong Like time tickling by I'll walk with you Like north star I'll guide you without clue Like a chocolate I'll fill your life with sweetness Like dreams I'll leave you with no bitterness Like memories I'll wrap you around me Like thoughts of purity I'll bring you your destiny Like moon I'll always spread bright Like wings I'll make you flight Like your heart I'll pump for you Like your prince I'll always love you
wow. I adore your poets. Whoever be your muse must be proud and happy for these poets.
My bad there. You are the poet. I mean poems. Gah.
@NSSagasshi Thanks a lot mam. It's because of people like you all around. :)