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Handle Your Class Presentation Like A Boss

T-7 Days Until Presentation:

Hang this picture of Winston Churchill on your wall.

You know who was a damn fine orator in his day? Winston Churchill. It's why you always see him quoted in those boring motivational posts your mom reblogs on Facebook. Channel your inner Churchill. Be the best one you can be. (Except more blinged out, of course.)
T-5 Days Until Presentation:

Hire a hypeman.

Being graded alongside your peers means you have to work to stand out. Think outside the box. Hire one of those cool hip-hop hypemen to back you up during your speech. Extra points if he can beatbox and/or scratch records.
T-3 Days Until Presentation:

Coordinate your outfit.

It's important to go into intimidating situations as comfortable as possible. If the 'real you' isn't really one to wear suits, don't show up in a suit. Likewise, if the 'real you' gets really stoked on cosplay, throw on your Bane mask and let your freak flag fly.
T-2 Days Until Presentation:

Begin gargling a combination of water, salt, and rusty tacks.