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Katniss' hairstyle was one of the most requested tutorial when Hunger Game became popular. I saw several interpretation of the hairstyle by different hairstylist but the best one are the two below. The first one is easiest and the second one is probably the closest to Katniss' original hairstyle.

Version One (without twists)

Grab a section of hair near the left side of your ear. Then split it into three sections.
Begin Dutch braiding. Slip section 1 under section 2, but over section 3.
Continue braiding until your reach the nape.
Then finish off the rest of the hair with a pigtail (a basic 3-strand braid).
Bring the braid to the front and there you have it! The simplified Katniss braid.

Version Two

Kayley prepped her hair with a few curls to create texture. You can skip this step if you already natural waves. In this versions, instead of regular Dutch braid, you add in a subtle twist as you braid. You'll have to see the video above for a clear demonstration.
How's the Dutch braid differs from a normal 3 strands braid?
@Animaniafreak A normal 3 strand braid, the braid is made with 3-strands within the section. A dutch braid, is made with 3-strands by taking hair from the outside section and combining it to the base section.
@Animaniafreak I hope it made sense. :D
kind of, it's just hard when I tried to practice in real life, I didn't know how to incorporate the other strand from other sections :/ I'm gonna search the all-knowing-YouTube for it, thanks for the intro, I'd still be clueless if it weren't for your tutorials, keep up the good work :)