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If you look in the comment section for this live performance of Big Bang's song 'Let's Not Fall In Love' there are many people arguing about Seungri and Daesung not having that much of an appperance within the video. SOME even said Taeyang didn't have enough screen time and that they should rearrange the line up. My question is that: If they were to rearrange the vocal line up how would It be done? Personally I really like the way this particular line sounds. if it were changed it changes the song. The song will still have the same meaning but the essence of the song will be undone.
If you dont understand what I'm saying: For me it's like when a person sings karaoke. It's not the same as the original it has a different vibe to it.
I get if your bias (or other members) arent present as much it's saddening. But there are more performances to come, and every time they come back stronger than the last. Dont get me wrong though I'm a big fan of ALL their voices, but don't let a vocal line up get you down. :)
Feel free to agree or disagree, just let me know what you think down In the comments. I always up for hearing other people voice their opinions. (Remember it's an opinion so don't be afraid the no right or wrong answer. It's about how YOU feel)
This. 👍 I personally thought that they shall have equal screen time in the mv but then; I like how the mv was presented. I've read some of the comments saying that gdtop should not have the most screen time considering the fact that they already rocked zutter. uhm. I disagree though. Because I can feel the raw emotions come from them; the sad stare from Top towards the girl, the way Ji looks miserable. Sincerely, as a Seungri stan; I am fine with Seungri's lack of presence both in the mv and the song itself. I like his lines. Anyone can tell that most of his lines in MADE series suits him. He rocked them. like; the chorus part in LOSER, the bridge part in BAEBAE etc. He has this soft vocal and he's good in harmonizing songs. Truthfully, his vocal had improved so much compared to ALIVE era. Not to mention the other members. I know it's kinda weird to have DaeRi just standing there awkwardly while the other 3 are singing during the last part of the song but it's unreasonable to blame the other 3. As you said, there are more performances to come. For these reasons, I don't think rearranging lines should be done. The song is already nice as it was. I think I shall stop here. I suppose I'd wrote a lengthy paragraph just now. have a nice day! ^^
Honestly I would have liked to see Daesung more in the video. It makes me really upset when he's barely in it and barely singing, I know he can't really sing that much because of his throat, but they could add him in more for the music video and on stage. Like they did with Sober. I respect BigBang and I know GD does the best he can fitting everyone into the song and making sure Dae at least has a line and I know Dae really shouldn't be singing that much but I can't help but be selfish and want to hear and see more of him. Though, I've got to say I really love the vocals in this song and i dont think Dae's voice really fits this song. Seungri's does, however but I liked hearing the other three from this song. I just pray that when the full MADE album comes out Dae will have a duet with someone .
@NSSagasshi you just stated your mind so it doesn't matter if you typed a lengthy paragraph for what you believed for/in ( sorry that my English isn't that very good )
@AkiraCondry I totally get what your saying and support you 100% and I totally get it that people want more screen time and lines for Daesung & Seungri but like you just said it's there but not there at the same time you won't hate it but it's new you need to get used to it no hater of Seungri or Daesung still love them , their voices are awesome