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Hello Anime Community Friends! ^_^

Welcome to the 2nd Vingle Anime Trivia Tuesday~
I will ask you guys 4 anime-related questions every Tuesday. You leave your answers in the comments, and I will update the answers on Friday.
Don't Google stuff! Make your best guesses! :D
1. What is the name of this character?
A. Vivi Nefertari
B. Asuna Yuuki
C. Hatsune Miku
D. Neko Kuroha
2. What pizza franchise is often seen in the anime Code Geass?
A. Pizza House
B. Pizza Hut
C. Round Table
D. Dominos
3. In One Piece, what is the name of the Straw Hat Pirates' first ship?
A. Big Top
B. Thousand Sunny
C. Red Force
D. Going Merry
4. How old was Goten when he first went Super Saiyan?
A. Seven
B. Fouteen
C. Sixteen
D. Ten
Tagging everyone that participated in the last Vingle Anime Trivia Tuesday!

I hope you all participate! Trivia is so much fun with you guys! ^_^

Also, check out this week's Monday Madness challenge in case you missed it!
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k, soul eater, attack on Titan, lucky star, madoka magica girl, fate stay night
blood plus, fma
@VixenViVi Nice! @loftonc16 Nothing haha. I was just laughing at Kim Woo Bin XD
1: D -Neko kuroha? 2: i don't remember which one :( 3: don't remember haven't seen this in a long time :( 4: A- Seven or D- ten?
1) D (I've never seen this anime ) 2) C ( I think) 3) D 4) A ( the pic kinda gave u the answer)