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So as you all know, this time is usually when college starts back up! Yes 4 more months and I'll be graduating college. I have an appointment with my friend in three weeks to do graduation pictures.
As I have been reading the syllabi of all my classes, I have found out that I have 4 term papers and 80 hours of community service to do.
I will go out with a boom this semester. The gifs of Junhyung Yoseob and Jackson will speak for itself. Disclaimer* I do not own any of the gifs or pics used*
I wish you the best of luck!!! :)
@lamrotamrot yes lol but I've been school for 4 years lol I'm ready to leave and start my career! :D
4 months...I have 4 years 😅
And im just starting jesus 4 years seems too long but i know theyll go by so quickly.
@aabxo thank you dear! Yes! I will be making my mark! Haha right I feel this is the most accurate thing about college is XD
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