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While the strobing makeup technique is mostly ideal for summer, because of it's natural dewy effect, it's still a thing for Fall. With that in mind, I wanted to find a natural lip color that would work specifically well for this technique that brides will be interested in knowing about.
Since I last posted the Fall Must-Have Color, "Underground", the overwhelming response from Vinglers was that your lip texture preference was matte. Got it! So, don't freak out over my recommendation here....
Lip Gloss no. 06 "Fresh Peach." By Sephora.
While, technically, this is a gloss, the texture of this is so subtle, it's like it really wants to be a matte. The trick to pulling this off, is to go very light with this. Typically, with a gloss, you'd go medium to heavy--depending on your look or the occasion. However, for the strobing technique, you want to avoid heavy coverage.
In the same way that strobing is all about highlighting, that's exactly what you're going to do here. Keep your matte lipstick at full coverage. Apply the Fresh Peach lip gloss (using a very light hand) over the center portion of your lips. You can glide this across the full lip area, though, you want to focus on the absolute center.
This color is not super pigmented to begin with, so you can trust that it's quite sheer. Just go easy on this and you will get that strobing effect for your lips without that glossy mirror reflection that SO MANY OF YOU DON'T LIKE!
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In case you haven't heard of strobing before, or it's still brand new, here is an excellent tutorial on what strobing is and how to achieve the look: