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Just because I have a sewing machine and love using it doesn't mean I also don't love no-sew projects! LOVE 'EM! Here's a cute (and very easy) project for your floor that you don't need a sewing machine for.

Supplies Needed:

Heavy Woven Fabric
Wonder Under Fusible Webbing
Drop Cloth
Start cutting your fabric to the size you are itching for, add 1 1/2-2” to that measurement. Next you are going to iron a 3/4-1” fold into the raw edges of your fabric. If you love raw fringe, then keep it.
Position your fusible webbing on the back of your fabric (paper side up)
Iron on the paper side (don’t use steam! Just heat and pressure).
Wait until the fabric is completely cooled down before you peel off the paper.
Notice how the webbing is also on the fold that was ironed. You don’t want to miss that part!
Now iron your drop cloth right side down onto your fabric/webbing combo. We are doing it right side down so that the thick edge doesn’t leave a big gap between the 2 materials.
Press it and you're done.
Doing your project with this method keeps the project super inexpensive and allows the floor mat to be machine-washable. For more cute projects, be sure to click here!