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Hello hello everyone~ LiNaHyun here with episode 4 of my K-Pop MV breakdowns. This episode is Girls' Generation's Lion Heart, I decided not to include You Think because they were in a box the entire time, but I will say this about it, I like the dance not sure how I feel about the weird bondage straps. SM has been a little freaky lately ;) Again, anything I say is meant to be funny and not to offend anyone. But without further ado, Lion Heart.
Look they fixed it!!
Aww yeah~ flapper dresses~
Why are you okay with random lion dude suddenly barging into your cabin and just sitting down??
Where the hell did he come from?? "Don't worry miss, I just appeared out of nowhere on this desolate highway to help you and your broken down car." Also, the sign behind Tiffany says "No stopping any time <---->" Shame on you.
Hey I got an idea, why don't I just take this strange ass hitch hiker with me after he somehow helped me off that desolate highway??
It's just a book dude relax. Even Seohyun's like wtf...
He just keeps appearing outta nowhere. He must have Kai's teleportation power.
Why is Hyoyeon so amazed by the bottle of wine she brought???
Well that was uncalled for...
I'm pretty sure that's not how you play that poor instrument...
There is nothing on Yuri's face.
This is such a cute part of the dance ^^
Sooyoung stop moving, he can't paint you. Also, every pose she did was nothing like the finished product, its not even the same dress!!
Look, a black lady! Also, why was he so surprised??? He told all of them to go there...
This is physically impossible.
Idk why this is so funny to me X'D
Cuz nothing says sexy like a body waves.
Well that was fun for me, I hope you had fun reading this as much as I did making it ^^ Not entirely sure what I'm gonna do next but if there is a MV you would like me to break down feel free to comment it down in the comment section ^^ See you K-Poppers later~ ^^
i love this music video n this made my day too
why r they all chinese? haha. JK Word up!