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THIS IS NOT DIRECTLY ABOUT KPOP BUT IT IS ABOUT THE LAND THAT CREATED KPOP. SOME OF MY FELLOW VIPS AND KPOP FAN FRIENDS WHO LIVE IN KOREA OR NEAR COULD BE DIRECTLY IMPACTED This was an article I came across. Koreaboo is responsible for constructing this article. We all love South Korea and the stars that they produce. However, recently there was some REAL DRAMA happening in Korea! War is never an easy topic to swallow. Even though I don't live in Korea or near Korea I hope these two can hash out their differences. I hate when war occurs any where!

My intention is not to spread bad news or drama. I just thought people would like to be informed.

After reading this please leave some comments. How do you feel?

However, if you know your world history...North Korea and South Korea have always butted heads. Maybe this incident was the last straw. They have a history of being rivals anyway. They are like night and day....oil and water.
I actually have some updated information on this issue. I planned on posting this way earlier so excuse my tardiness.