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πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ NO WAR!!
This is the recap or after math after the rocket incident. I made a card about North Korea launching rockets at South Korea. Read that card for more details. So again this article is from Koreaboo.
Well at least both parties are apologizing. However, is blasting propaganda enough to blast rockets? Couldn't they have had a meeting before these soldiers were injured and the people of South Korea were scared to death? But like I said in the other card....they have a deep rooted rival history. It would be nice if the leader of North Korea said some peaceful words to ensure people of the plan of peace. Maybe he did and Koreaboo just don't have the quote. It's just odd that Yonhap News Agency spoke on the NK leaders behalf. Do NK really regrets or that's just the news way of making the NK leader true words look pretty?

I'm just saying....

What do you all think?

It seems like there will be no war for now. I hope that is true. Who knows what the future holds!


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I don't even live there but I feel a bit more at ease hearing this. War is scary regardless of where one lives. The word alone is terrifying in my opinion. I really do hope that things continue in a more positive light for both countries. β™‘
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