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I could spend all day looking at before and after shots of what people did to make their homes bigger, brighter and better. Are you the same way as me? I love to see how they did it too. That's how I was able to score this really great tutorial on how to create a focal point with paint. Wtih a little dressing of furniture and accessories, the wall paint is now a piece of art and a point of discovery and focus.

Supplies Needed:

Paint brush/roller
Painter's tape
straight edge (or ruler)
Decide on the size of your diamond. Then, move the dresser into place so that you can make sure the scale was right.
Start by using a pencil to mark the center of the wall and the width of the diamond.
Then measure 1/4 of the total width up and down and mark.
Connect the dots to make the outer edge of the diamond.
Take the total width of the diamond and divide it by 6. This number will tell you the distance between marks. (Please note that you are making 5 marks, but creating 6 sections)
Now take the width of one edge of the diamond and divide it by 6. Mark the 6 sections down both sides of the diamond.
Connect your dots.
Now it is time to tape.
Tape along the outside of the diamond pencil marks. Because of the nature of the stripes (with no white space between colors, you have to break the taping up into 2 rounds. Tape along the outside of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th stripes.
Here's a TRICK for ensuring PERFECT paint lines: Paint the wall color onto the tape before you start painting with your new color. This will ensure that any bleeding is the color of the wall, not the new color that will be noticeable.
After your paint is done for those 3 sections, gently pull off the Scotchblue Painters Tape and let it dry.
Once it is dry, you are going to line your tape up against the edge you just painted and tape along the edges of the 2nd, 4th,and 6th stripes.
Bleed your tape lines with the color that it is against. (For example before painting the yellow stripe we bled the taupe and the navy on the left and right, and white on the bottom and top.
This technique, coupled with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape will give you perfect paint lines every time.
Once everything has dried, it's time to put things back and upgrade a smidge on the decor. That means dusting too! You want to make sure it looks magazine-quality when you take photos. Then you can brag to all your friends and family with awesome before and after photos of a simple and easy painter's diy project!
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It's awesome! I love it.
thanks @elly4056 If you decide to try this out for yourself, i'd love to know about it. :)