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I would like to thank @DianaBell for tagging me in the challenge and I thought it would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me more. So here are the questions and my answers: 1. In 5 words describe yourself: -crazy,shy,fun,clumsy and nice. 2. Ideal date: - It would be either a picnic at a park,in the back of a pickup looking at the star up in the night sky,going to the movies and diner afterwards and lastly somewhere we can be alone. 3. In 5 words how friends describe me: - crazy,weird,funny,true friend and indecisive. 4. Ideal bf: - Now I'm not all that picky and I'm going to be completely honest. I like guys that wear glasses,are taller than me (I'm 5'5),has a great sense of humor,can play an instrument or can sing. I have a complete attraction to Korean guys and it's mostly influenced because of Kpop but I can go for guys that aren't Asian. He has to be family oriented and has to love kids. 5. What am I passionate about? - My passions are reading,singing,playing volleyball and my religion (I'm Christian btw). I can say that aside from my religion music is everything to me. To me it is the air that I breathe and its what keeps me alive. I really don't know where I would be without music and if you ever see me in person and I catch you singing it's so over we're going to end up singing together like a choir (used to be in one btw). 6. Biggest pet peeve: - I can't stand guys that are rude to girls and it doesn't matter if she was rude first. My biggest pet peeve would be people who smoke cigarets. Thanks to those I nearly lost my mother so I can't be around people who smoke. Another one would be a guy who lies through his teeth,now that's also a big no no with me. Last but not least,if a person chews with their mouth open. I can deal with it for an amount of time but if it's a constant thing I will tell you politely and if you're a clueless dude I will make it my mission to teach you how to eat with your mouth closed. 7. Fave quotes to live by: - "I am just me. I am not an idol. I am not an artist. I'm not hip hop. Not anything. I am just me. I am Rap Monster. I am Kim Namjoon" -Rap Monster (BTS). - "Sometimes the decisions we make aren't only for ourselves but for the ones we love" -me. - "We are not perfect human beings nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be" -Satsuki Shibuya. 8. What do I do in my free time? - What I like to do in my free time is read,sing,play guitar (still a beginner though),watch Korean dramas or just write stories. My most favorite thing to do would be reading and singing or both at the same time. I like going out shopping for Kpop merch or anime things but I don't do it much since I recently moved to New York and only have one friends who knows the great spots. Well that's a little about me. I want to thank those who read the entire thing and sorry for it being so long but you survived. If you guys want to know more specific things feel free to ask but not really personal questions. Again thanks for reading and hope you have fun doing the challenge yourself.