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For this challenge you basically choose your bias, what you'd wear, and what you would both do on your date!!!(: Credits to owner of this challenge: @amobigbang
For those viewing this card,try it!! You have been tagged!;D
My bias/date is none other than this penguin, Pororo Kyungsoo :D
I mean look at him!!! Who wouldn't want to go on a date with this guy XD
Oh and this is me haha
As for my outfit, a dress, some black heels, and a thin gold necklace & earings!(:
1. Go on a drive to a wine garden!(: A peaceful place full of beautiful views
2. Learn about and taste wine, go for a walk, and, get to know one another!!!(:
3. Head to an Italian restaurant!!
4. Spend the rest of the day at a park: grab a drink from a cafe play on the swings make him sing watch the night sky And that ends it!!!(: What would you do on your first date with your bias??:D
So cute~ I need to do this~
@StephanieDuong @hyaCinthus Thanks, i actually would like to have a date like this someday :0 haha You guys should do yours too :D
omg im dying, KYUNGSOOOOOO
@yehet27 those heels are cute! I loved ur card! Thanks for participating 馃槃
@amobigbang This should be interesting, i'll join the challenge XD
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