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This is a more detailed reason behind Got7's name for those of you who didn't know as well!
I never really knew the true meaning behind Got7; only that it meant that the 7 members were lucky ( 7 being a lucky number). JYP's story behind the name GOT7 is so heartwarming. It brought JYP back to the days when he tried so hard to produce music and promote G.O.D. He said that when they made their first song, they thought about anything and everything that could happen to them on the way to audition their song. There were multiple USBs of the song in case, for example, JYP said, "If he died on the plane ride there" he would still want his song to be heard. [ I don't know if you guys know, but they're all American Korean, so they flew to Korea] So along with G.O.D members, they were considered the 6 who were lucky to make it big in the industry. JYP said he was at his happiest then! But instead of 6, he used 7, giving the group the name a very deep meaning: GOT7.
So be proud to be an IGOT7!! You're lucky!