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Just in time for back-to-school, here's a cute diy fruit magnet project to keep the kiddos' masterpieces and A+ grades front and center for all to see in the kitchen! I love this project because it's easy enough for even the kids to participate in.

Supplies Needed:

fruit ice trays
Cement-All (cement)
acrylic paint
paint brush
E6000 adhesive

Cement 101:

1) Work quickly with the cement, especially if it’s a fast drying one like Cement-All.
2) Add a bit more water to the cement than what’s recommended in the instructions on the box, until it becomes a little thinner than pancake batter. The thinner the cement, the better it will fill in all the little details in the ice trays. Be careful though- it only takes a little bit of water to drastically change the consistency of the cement.
3) Mix out all the lumps in the cement but don’t do it TOO vigorously.
Fill the trays and allow them to dry completely before removing.
After popping out all the cement fruit from the molds, glue on a magnet to the back of each fruit.
Have a blast painting the fruit magnets!
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