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I am in love with these adorable ombre candlesticks! Obviously, you can make these any color of your choosing, but I do love the aqua look for these and the white! If you already saw the cute fruit magnet tutorial, which you can see here, then you're going to love this one!

Supplies Needed:

Geometric ice trays
Cement-All (cement)
Spray paint
E6000 glue
3/4" copper plugs

Cement 101:

1) Work quickly with the cement, especially if it’s a fast drying one like Cement-All.
2) Add a bit more water to the cement than what’s recommended in the instructions on the box, until it becomes a little thinner than pancake batter. The thinner the cement, the better it will fill in all the little details in the ice trays. Be careful though- it only takes a little bit of water to drastically change the consistency of the cement.
3) Mix out all the lumps in the cement but don’t do it TOO vigorously.
Once the pieces have dried completely, release them from the ice tray moulds.
Next, you want to stack them like this or in any other interesting way that looks sculptural.
Attach them together with the E6000 glue.
When you're using spray paint to get an ombre effect, the trick is to spray VERY lightly and over the course of several coats. Keep the can pretty much in one spot and allow the over-spray to create the ombre look you want!
You can find these cute copper plugs at any hardware store. If you prefer something different, then by all means, have at it. I love the color of the pink copper with the white and ombre aqua.
Glue these plugs to the candlesticks with the open end up (so it can hold tapered candles).
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