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If you happen to live in arid parts of the US (or even elsewhere that is similar in climate), then I have one of the chicest ideas you can create for your home or office: Air Plant Hangers! It's going to be way too bitterly cold in Chicago for this time of year. But if you're in the southwest, then you can pretty much do this year-round!

Supplies Needed:

-square basswood dowel
–suede lace
-air plants
–wire cutters
Cut the square dowel into three pieces with the measurements noted above. Square dowels are better than round ones because of the wire that is used for this project.
Tie and double knot each end of suede lace to each end of the wood dowel, then cut off the excess. Go ahead and just eyeball it, so that it is somewhere near twice the length of the dowel, maybe a bit less.
As you can see, it looks a bit like a swing or trapeze bar!
Wrap the air plants with the wire tightly around the dowel (about three times around) and cut off the excess with wire cutters, making sure that the air plant is balanced on the top side of the dowel.
That part is a little tricky because the air plant makes the dowel top heavy and likely to tip over, so it’s a bit of a balancing act. Use the suede lace to help stabilize the dowels by somewhat weaving it within the leaves of the plant.
Hang these beauties outside or in a spot with plenty of light on a wall and enjoy the quiet tranquility and beauty of these living green treasures!
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