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So OBVIOUSLY I love Hakyeon.
And he's sort of the most lovable wonderful human being on the planet (okay okay I exaggerate BUT HE'S GREAT) so you should love him too and I wanted to share this adorable moment with you BECAUSE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND HE'S FANTASTIC AND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.
So VIXX's first subunit, LR, is doing a lot of fansigns for this promotion cycle. To get into fansigns in Korea, its most common to do a raffle system. Fans will buy a certain amount of albums and they're able to put their names in the drawing once for each album.

Hakyeon decided he wanted to go to a fan sign.

He showed up at the record store just like a regular fan and started asking around about how many albums he should buy. (In the video he's at the store asking if he'll get in if he buys two...)
Fangirls are known to never tell each other how many they bought because HELLO if someone buys more than you that totally ruins your chances!!! That's a guarded secret!
So no one would tell Hakyeon how many to buy (most people buy 20~40 for VIXX fan signs) so he bought......two.

He didn't get in.

^ Tweet saying that he failed to get in.
So he moved on to another way to fanboy...

Going to a music show recording.

He showed up to VIXX's line at Music Core and got in line like a regular fan. He even went into the recording in the crowd like any other fan, screaming right along side! He apparently was screaming "WONSHIK HYUUUUUNG" and Ravi and Leo lost it - they had no idea that Hakyeon was in the crowd until the very end.
ANYWAY as if that wasn't adorable enough...
I guess a fan he was standing near while waiting for the recording to start told him that she got into the fansign he tried for with buying only ONE album.

Hakyeon's reaction:

That glare though! LOLOLOL
Why? Why is is so perfect?? He is such a supportive leader and he interacts SO well with the fans ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
OMG. Hakyeon is the most ADORABLE person EVERRRR. He's so precious!!! (∩˃o˂∩)♡
he is super cute istg. no wonder he is one of my vixx biases
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