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Photographer: Stephane Vetter [http://www.nuitsacrees.fr/] "On this night, the sky was not only the best show in town, but a composite image of the sky won an international competition for landscape astrophotography. The above winning image was taken two months ago over Jökulsárlón, the largest glacial lake in Iceland. The photographer combined six exposures to capture not only two green auroral rings, but their reflections off the serene lake. Visible in the distant background sky is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy, the Pleiades open clusters of stars, and the Andromeda galaxy." [via APOD]
this i wanna see too!!!!!!!!1
Whoa, do we have enough time to see all these places? :D Exactly, the world is such a big place when you realize how much there is to explore.