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This makeup pouch is so cute, especially, now that it's got some graphic dimension to what would otherwise just be a plain white bag! If you want to add some color, you can replace the black paint with any color of your choosing! Have fun with this and be creative.
You may even want to make the lines go in diagonals. That would be super cute too!

Supplies Needed:

white pouch
painter's tape
1/4″ tape (optional)
acrylic paint (whatever paint you use should indicate that it can be used on fabric, otherwise add fabric medium to it)
flat head brush
Start by taping one strip of tape down the center of the pouch, then lay down strips of tape adjacent to it by using the 1/4″ tape in between to evenly space them all across the pouch.
Note: the 1/4" tape is really pricey so don't get it unless you really think you need to.
Reinforce all edges of tape by running your fingernail firmly over them.
More important than the tape is the painting technique. All it is is brushing on the paint perpendicular to the tape to reduce the potential of paint getting swiped up under the tape.
You can do it along one edge of the tape, then down the adjacent edge, making the paint overlap in the center of the stripe.
After removing the tape, the pouch will look like this. So let the paint dry completely before continuing on to the next steps.
The next part is just repeating all previous steps, but perpendicular to the now dry stripes.
Finished and complete! What do you think? Cute, right?! I hope you have fun with this one. It's super easy and your girlfriends are going to want you to make these for them too!
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The grid pattern seem to be very popular. I've seen a few people carrying tote bags with similar pattern.
That's a great idea for a tote bag @alise. I will have to give that a go too. thanks!