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Top knot had its moment this summer but now it's all about half-up. The celebrity-adorned hairstyle is already dominating the street of fashion.
What's so great about this hairstyle?
1. You can conceal grown out bangs.
2. Hide greasy roots
3. Transforming a bad hair day into a good one (while showing your length).
4. It's a perfect blend of a polish updo and elegant loose strands.

Rosette Half Updo

1. Begin by curling the ends of your hair. You want the bottom to have more texture and volume.
2. Part the top half of hair from the back and divide it into three sections. Clip them aside.
3. Take the middle section and pin curl half way so the ends are loose.
4. Repeat with the left and right section.

Messy Half-Up Bun

Carelessly twirl the top half of your hair into a messy top bun. You can even take leftover pieces and wrap it around the hair tie.

Half Up French Twist

I find this hairstyle very clever because you can achieve two things with this. One, if your hair is too puffy you can hide the extra volume with a simple twist. Two, you CAN'T tell what is holding up the French twist, so it looks extremely elegant. Learn how to recreate this style with the video above by Luxy.