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Wait... I just... how did this happen... I dont... I just... I... it happened... Okay... here it is... Kookie tell them!
Annnnddddddd itttssss SUGA!!!!!!!!!
Like Rapmon and J-Hope, you may be asking realy?!
Yes Suga, I picked you!
Now don't cry, I know it's hard to handle <3
Jimin knows
Me too, me too
Some reasons I love him! He is perfect XD
His sleeping game is on point >.< and I want to be a pillow... *life goals*
I love rappers, I really do <3
He loves food and might even share ^^
He is perfect though, I love his rounder face <3
Dat style
And of course, Swag
Look at him! I mean really....
If you need me I'll be lost in Suga Fanfic! (also here is one I wrote so I guess I kinda knew already XD) (*I don't own the gifs, just drool over them XD*)
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Awww suga!! My baby lol just kidding, he's older than me but for me I honestly don't really have a BTS bias because I just love everything about them, they're just TOOO perfect in their own way ❤❤❤
Bts is one of the only groups I have trouble with picking a bias, they're all so freaking relatable and attractive! >.< At first I thought Suga was my bias because he's the most relatable but then I realized Rap Monster really stood out to me because he's so cute and dorky AND THEN JIN HAD TO BE THE LITTLE NERD THAT LIKES THE COLOR PINK UGH Suga and Jin are honestly trying to steal my Namjoonie's spot as bias ㅠ ㅡ ㅠ
Congrats!!!!! I know that we picked our biases but it's really hard to love only one of them! It's like you pick a bias and get 6 others for free.. 😆😂
Congraaats!! :D Suga is an awesome bias to have! And honestly with BTS you never really know who might end up being your bias, they're all so perfect and so bias-worthy in their own way.
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