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So for the ones who didn't know, I started school yesterday. Surprisingly, I did not fangirl AT ALL! I did get on Vingle and so forth but I did not listen/watch K-POP. And like I finished my homework so I decided to watch Weekly Idol and ASC. It was about 9:00 pm (it's nearly 10 pm now) and my mom came yelling at me to go sleep but I'm here like...
Then in a few seconds she leaves then comes back a minute later yelling at me while I'm about to watch me some K-Pop now I'm like...
But WHO CARES!! I need my K-POP dose!!! 2-3 hours of K-Pop isn't enough!!!! *cries* It's gonna be a tough school year...meeeeh~ I need like so much support because I swear, if I miss one day of K-POP I binge and I don't care if I don't sleep even if sleep is precious to me... *sighs* ㅠㅠ
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@amobigbang aww thanks! It's already been a week and I'm already starting to see the difference and I noticed a lot of people there are really nice. I was freaking out on the first day but once I got to class and got to know some of my classmates I was able to relax.
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you are welcome @sugajin94 good luck 😄✌
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Awww, sweet girls! It will get better. You're just so used to your summer ways right now. I promise it'll better as you get into the groove of things. You'll figure out how to sneak in more fangirl/kpop time. Besides, we're all here to enable you! ;)
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I'm heading down the same road as you are.... it sucks!!!!!
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