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So for the ones who didn't know, I started school yesterday. Surprisingly, I did not fangirl AT ALL! I did get on Vingle and so forth but I did not listen/watch K-POP. And like I finished my homework so I decided to watch Weekly Idol and ASC. It was about 9:00 pm (it's nearly 10 pm now) and my mom came yelling at me to go sleep but I'm here like...
Then in a few seconds she leaves then comes back a minute later yelling at me while I'm about to watch me some K-Pop now I'm like...
But WHO CARES!! I need my K-POP dose!!! 2-3 hours of K-Pop isn't enough!!!! *cries* It's gonna be a tough school year...meeeeh~ I need like so much support because I swear, if I miss one day of K-POP I binge and I don't care if I don't sleep even if sleep is precious to me... *sighs* ㅠㅠ
HUGS YOU. omg i should start making cards that are like 'this day in kpop' so that you dont have to waste time searching for new stuff hahahahahah
Awwww hang in there guys!!! School is just temporary but KPOP is FOREVER! Remember your KPOP family is here for you and we'll help get you throw the year!!
I just started college and already I'm getting overwhelmed. I'm so focused on school stuff I barely have time to focus on fangirling or kpop. *sighs* I'm the same way though! A couple hours isn't enough kpop time! Especially for a fangirl
@KpopGaby I do the same thing. If I've been K-drama or k-pop deprived, I end up spending HOURS watching videos and stuff. We can do this. I believe in you!
I think all of us who are in school right now are struggling BAD with it. But I think I actually have TOO MUCH freedom since I'm in college right now. I feel like I keep getting on Vingle and YouTube WAY too much now that I'm not focusing enough....Before, my mom was the same as yours, telling me to get off my phone, the computer, to stop listening to k-pop and watching k-dramas. I need to snap out of it and keep my focus on school, but it's HARD. We all will get through this year together. We can do it!! :)
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