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So, when @AimeeH tagged me, i was like “Ha! No Brainer!” i mean, I love Heo Youngsaeng and baseball, so why not combine them into THE ULTIMATE FIRST DATE EXPERIENCE!?
lets get the facts straight:
FACT: Youngsaeng and I like baseball.
FACT: You want to have an enjoyable first date.
FACT: It can be hard to enjoy a date if your team loses.
Q: i had my heart set on going to a baseball game for a first date, what do I do?
A: Go to a game where your 2 favorite teams are playing. that way you’ll be happy with either outcome.
Who are my favorite teams? The Reds and the Dodgers! The obvious decision is to go to the RedsvDodgers game (tomorrow)
The night before: I paint my nails
Youngsaeng comes over a couple of hours before the game to pick me up and I surprise him with temporary tattoos of the Reds logo!
We apply the tattoos on each others cheeks and Youngsaeng manages to seek a kiss on the cheek by claiming to kiss his handiwork.
After an hour long drive of laughing and listening to music, we finally get to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati!
As soon as we walk in, I jump in line for an order of vegan chili cheese fries from Skyline to share!
After I get the food, we head to our seats and enjoy the game! Then the most amazing yet terrifying part of any live sporting event comes up… The Kiss Cam! After trying to make myself as unnoticeable as possible, they find us and I freeze. The next thing I now, Youngsaeng grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a deep passionate kiss and I turn RED from embarrassment, shock, and excitement.
After that clears up and the game finishes the final inning, we grab some Dippin’ Dots, enjoy the car ride home and start planning our next date.
@kpopandkimchi haha. Thanks! Don't tell anyone, it'll ruin my reputation. XD
What the heck this is the cutest thing ever?!
So adorable!!!! <#
@Taijiotter you are welcome Doll Baby!! Haha! XD
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