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Today,sitting around as bored as ever,I decided to pick up my 2b,3h,and color pencils to draw the one and only Kaori Miyazono,one of my favorite heroines from one of my favorite animes,Your Lie in April ( Shigatsu wa kimi no uso).*cries remembering the feels*lol,anyway,this took me longer that I thought it would,but the finished product doesn't look horrible,right?It's too bad that the colors don't look as nice as I hoped,(my phone's camera has issues..)but this was the best I could make it look,so I guess that's that...\( ̄<  ̄)>Anyway,as I'm constantly looking for ways to improve,constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome~ To see more of my drawings and sketches,you can check out my instagram: @raival_td
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@TinaDang Ah nice. That's so cool. You all share a hobby together! Well, glad to have you in the anime community here. Hope to see you around more ^^
@poojas thanks again,and I hope so too~^^
This is a gorgeous drawing of Kaori from Shingatsu wa Kimi no uso, I love this even though I still have yet to finish it because I know the outcome of the story and am afraid to watch it but I will eventually!
I love this drawing sooo much your art skills r definitely amazing
That's pretty impressive. I like the character and love the show.