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According to Hanguk Ilbo, Moon Geun Young is scheduled to make an appearance this October on SBS‘s Village – Achiara’s Secret.
She'll play the role of the heroine, So Yoon, who digs around to find out the secret of her village – a village where hardly any crime occurs – after bodies are found in the area.


Now, what's your favorite MGY role?!

Tale of Two Sisters

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to show this to my roommate who hates horror movies when trying to convince her that Korean movies are awesome.
MGY is soooooo creepy in this role and I LOVE her for it!

Mary Stayed Out All Night

I love love love love looooooove this drama. It has Jang Geun Suk, Hongdae, and rock and roll. What's not to love?!
This is definitely my favorite MGY role by far!

Goddess of Fire

I really, REALLY want to watch this! I love Kimbum and I think this pairing would be magical!

Has anyone seen this!? Should I start?!

Leave your opinions below!

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@WiviDemol oooooooooh man
@kpopandkimchi hihi I like them. I think I'm gonna watch Goddess of Fire :))
The goddess of fire she n kimbum had serious chemistry. but u forgot cheonngdamdong Alice she was good in that too. She was recently on 2day1night...she was super cool n cute on it. I recommend watching that ep. it's the female friend episode of season 3. I'm glad she coming back this year. is it a drama or movie?
@candyland1986 waa yeah just finished watching that ep of 2d1n yesterday. She's really cute and simple
oh i need to finishe watching Goddess Of Fire. i guess i was was watchin multiple dramas at the time and i just stopped or forgot to finish this one. you just reminded me. thanks. i remember reading the manga first then watched Mary Stayed Out All Night. Both were good. She is in Tale Of Two Sisters??? i did not know that.(when i was skimming to watch some interesting scary movies online)