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I've already written an entire card about how Aladdin is pretty much an expert in woo'ing (so we should all take a lesson or two from him) but today I kept thinking about how much I love this clip from Aladdin.
This bit mashes up just his lines in this scene, but I think they're so great: "Well...there's this girl. She's smart...and and fun...and beautiful! She's got these eyes that just! And her hair that...and her smile!! {sigggh}"
I don't love this part just because he's talking about how he thinks she's beautiful, but I actually love it because he is so overwhelmed with how much he likes her that's he unable to even make full sentences. I think we've all been there before, right?
When you love someone, don't be afraid to talk about it! Don't be afraid to just be overwhelmed with how great they are and how great you both are together, okay? Take a page from Aladdin's book and just embrace it, be goofy, and have that crush!