I think I really like making this Puns and Memes... so here goes a K-pop Puns and Memes from My Ultimate Favorite K-pop Group... BLOCK B! Don't worry I'll make K-pop Puns & Memes for many K-pop groups!
So.... I want to thank the internet in helping me find this incredibly hard Puns and Memes from Block B (sarcasm).
Don't question me why I love them... because I'll write you a novel!
Of course, we always gotta give props to the leader.
You'll probably wonder, 'What da heck do you smoke???'
Let's be real, not many have the guts to be like this and be sincere!
In the first picture I can I also say... "That one time Taeil don't want to wear glasses!"
I also love their relationship with other artists! *Last picture: I can't be the only one, right?!?!*
Taeil; B-Bomb and I can't take you seriously... hahaha!
My life is already complicated, but they bright my day by being themselves. In the end they will always be BLOCK B! Credits to Google!
Zico can take my kidneys. that look is just sexy to me xD if you scare from the sexy leader, you aren't ready for Block B.
I'll be waiting…
I need more of this
Lol @MinionPeach17 more sexy stares for us
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