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Today's community anime recommendation is Death Parade.
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Death Parade (Desu Parēdo)

Anime directed by: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Number of episodes: 12
Summary (from animenewsnetwork):
After death, humans go to either the eternal void or are reincarnated. However, where there's doubt as to were to place some occasional souls, these instead arrive at bar Quindecim, with no memories of having died. Decim, the bartender, challenges them to the Death Game, wherein they wager their "lives" and reveal their true natures. Decim himself is the arbiter in charge of deciding the fate of those that arrive at Quindecim - by pulling the darkness from deepest within them, he judges their ultimate fate.
For those of you who've watched it or are watching it, do you like Death Parade? Make sure to mention why or why not! ^_^
This one is actually a personal favorite of mine and I recommend it to anyone that enjoyed Death Note or other "dark/deep" animes haha.
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The story was perfect because who can really judge anyone.....but I'm not gonna spoil anything. Decim is a sweetheart and Chihiro I'm doing a cosplay for her!!!
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Death Parade was amazing!! The ending mad me cry .-.
2 years ago·Reply
Short, simple, sweet, and compete. I enjoyed this anime very much and I recommend it to a lot of people
2 years ago·Reply
I found this to be very entertaining and refreshing.
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