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As I dig deeper into the Kpop pit, I realized GD have a collection of hairstyles that are crazy, edgy, weird yet handsome. I said handsome because as weird as it looks GD killed it. His hair NEVER wears him. He own his hair. That is, if it wasn't GD it wouldn't look this cool and mysterious. And here goes my GD (hair) obsession.
Like seriously, who can look pull off this mysterious edgy look with a half buzz cut and half ombre seaweed hair?
I can finally realize why so many fangirls swoon over his seductive school body image. Don't stare at me like that. Please don't.
If this hair was worn on anyone else, I would send him to straight to the barber shop to loosen the hair up.
Very few people can pull of the candy hair color. Then we have GD here with the "I woke up like this" look.
Mad scientist who is madly good looking? I don't we'll ever solve any science problem if he was our professor.

Did Loose any of you yet?

I know this is too much hotness for y'all to handle.

It's G.D afterall. haha

Who feels the same way?
I approve most of his hairstyles. I am looking forward for his military shaved hair. (:
I think "half ombre seaweed hair" needs to be a thing haha. I love his newest hairstyle a lot. The reddish orange look really suits him!
gd can rock anything and everything hes too beautiful
I love GD and his hairstyles because I think they go hand in hand with each other to make GD hot
@HairConfetti - I agree. I love that he strives to be different even if that means standing out.
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