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If you are thinking about taking better care of your skin and or hair it is great to have a daily night beauty routine. Everyone has different hair and skin types so your routine will not be the same as everyone. For best results your routine should be something you can commit to and works best for your body. When beginning to find a routine that work you will experience trail and error. But that's fine and normal. Also, people routinely change depending on their body. What you may do in the summer may change during the winter. I will share what I do as a nightly skin and hair routine.


When taking care of hair you should go by your hair type. Different types of hair require different type of care. If you dont know your hair type you can look it up or use the chart above as a reference. My hair type is a combination of hair types....2B, 2C, and 3A
This is my hair in its natural state. Yass this is my real hair. It's has more curls to the back.


Usually at night I wrap my hair if it gets frizzy. I detangled with a wide tooth comb and wrap with a bristle brush. Before wrapping I apply some light oil. I use argan oil. This oil tames frizz and is not super oily. After wrapping I wear a silk scarf to bed. If I'm lazy I will just apply the oil and put my hair in a bun like style and I sleep on my silk pillow case. I try to not be lazy too often...but you know a girl can be super tired after taking a shower after a long day! lol All these products can be found at Walmart. I just bought a cute silk pillow case tonight from there for 3.99. The oil will be abou 4.00-6.00 depending on your area.


I love using my homemade Cleopatra Sugar Scrub. May skin is super sensitive, so I use this scrub twice a week. When I wear make up I use Neutrogena hydrating wipes. They can get expensive but they work for my face. Since its so sensitive I stick to what works. If my face still feels dirty after using these makeup wipes I use Stridex sensitive pads. I also use these pads if I see a major breakout happening. But I use Aveeno smart essentials daily detoxifying daily scrub when I'm not using my Cleopatra Sugar Scrub. The Aveeno is AWESOME! GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN! I use it daily but not when I use my homemade sugar scrub. Besides sensitive skin I also have normal skin. My skin is not naturally dry nor oily. BUT if it does feel tight after washing I use little drops of pure avacado oil on my face.


I try to drink green tea throughout the day BUT I ALWAYS DRINK IT BEFORE BED! However, I drink the decaffeinated kind before bed. This helps soothes my body and mind. There are so many great reasons to sip on this green tea why pass it up?


@allischaaff here the link to another card I made about scrubs let me know how it goes
I had never heard of Stridex before, but maybe I should give something like that a try too! Because clearly, face wash is not enough... >.<
@amobigband Yayyy looking forward to more cards! Tag me when you make them :) I will try the homemade toner and scrub and let you know how it goes haha
@HairConfetti @allischaaff thanks! More will come soon. @allischaaff it wouldn't hurt to try a mild scrub. you can make one at home. Stridex has helped me to. Toner....I don't use but you can also make a homemade toner too.
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