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So, there's this first date challenge that was started by @amobigbang where you pick your bias, what you'd wear, and what you'd do with your bias on your first date. I saw the card by @yehet27 and I thought it would be fun to do!
My date? Mr. Kang Daesung because, hands down, he's my ultimate bias. He's the bias that gives me butterflies when I see just a picture of him smiling and then I get goosebumps where I hear his voice or his laugh. Yeah, it's that serious. I'm not obsessive, but I might possibly be close to in love. Not that that's important here.
And, so, this is me. I go through stages of style and whatnot. Plus, I'm a shortie (*coughs* like five and a half feet or something like that *coughs*).
This is my typical style: Something comfy. There are baggy and skinny jeans because I'm short and jeans do what they want on me. Lol But, yeah. I love jeans and hoodies and beanies. I'm not big on accessories, so it's usually whatever is in my reach or just what I feel like wearing. I adore sneakers, especially platform and canvas sneakers. Besides, this is the best type of outfit considering what I want to do with Daesung for our first date. ^^
What I'd like to do first is meet up at a cafe. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I love the smell of it. I also love fresh-brewed tea and pastry shops. They make me happy. Plus, these are usually pretty serene places to meet up and just talk. I love hearing Daesung talk, so I'd definitely love to just sit and share some drinks and talk with him.
After hanging out in the cafe for a bit, some shopping (or window shopping) would be fun, preferably at a place with little eateries along the way. I completely lost the thought I had in my head. orz But I'm referring to those little stalls run by eomonims and ahjummas and ahjussis. The ones that have been doing it for a long time and do it because they love it and love to make people smile with their food. Street market kind of things! I think it'd be lots of fun to do with Daesung. Going into shops and trying on hats or sweaters or just looking at trinkets and such and then catching a snack at a street vendor here and there. It doesn't matter to me if it's an older, traditional kind of street or a more modern street of shops. Both of them have their own charms. ♡
I've always wanted to go to a noraebang and what better time than a first date. You can eat at most of them if I'm not mistaken and drink and whatnot. I don't personally drink alcohol but they have other drinks, too (or so I would hope lol). Spending some time singing a few songs with Daesung would definitely be fun. Besides, we can get a room just for ourselves and act as silly as we want. (P.S. Just imagining this is making me extremely giddy, okay?)
Lastly, I'd want to spend the night or evening, or whatever time it'd be by then, just walking around with him. I'd hope that maybe I'd get to hold his hand or at least have ours brush or something as we walk along a riverside or on some nature walk. It doesn't have to be a long walk, but just something for us to enjoy some more quiet time with each other.
*sighs dreamily* And there would be more dates after this and we'd maybe (very, very hopefully) live happily ever after together. I would most definitely like to be his wife. That'd be nice. *falls deeper into dreamland and cries a bit because of how shameless I'm being here* I may try to do another one of these for my other biases... I wonder what a date with girin Lee Kwangsoo would be like, too. *isn't used to imagining myself with my biases this much* @.@"
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@ninachan It didn't hurt me at all. It was a really quick pinch kind of feeling. :) @yehet27 Thank you! 😶😜 I had to search for those because all the ones that I have in my phone already got lost in the tons of photos I've saved. XD
omg noraebang with daesung YES hahaha
@kpopandkimchi Doesn't it just sound like fun? Lol
Maybe I should add "join our friends at noraebang" to my date: HAHAHAHA
@kpopandkimchi I approve that idea. xD