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Can you believe that, for as much as I do not like the taste of coffee, I found myself at the Golden Arches' drive-thru SIX TIMES SINCE SUNDAY, (today's Wednesday, don't judge...), so that I could nurse on large iced vanilla coffees (extra cream, extra vanilla, 4 Splenda)?!?!?!
Then, some unknown crisis drove me to Costco on Monday night. I'm not even in the wine section and my hand is IN THE BOX OF CHOCOLATE COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS. And I can't shovel them into my gaped mouth fast enough! Yes, I'm one of those shoppers who can't not shop without putting something in my mouth. :( The struggle is real.
If you're like me and hate to love coffee (or love hating it), you can still be who you are without turning to the dark side (if only in your mind). I say that because this recipe for Espresso Martinis sounds both awful and divine, all at once!
So you know me, I have to try it!
Espresso Martini (makes 2)
2 shots (about 1.5 ounces each) espresso*
2 ounces vodka
3 ounces Kahlua
coffee beans for garnish
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in the espresso, vodka and Kahlua. Shake until chilled. Pour into two chilled glasses. Garnish with a few coffee beans.
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